Promoted to Brown Belt

Congratulations to our recently promoted JLK Brown Belts!!

Testing started at 6am / 0600
Sat. Morning Sep, 7th. 

7 youth students endured 3hrs Karate testing on all basics, kata, sparring, control, timing, distance, speed, power and discipline.

9:30am -3pm BOOTCAMP.
Test: Physical endurance and Leadership skills. 
Previously shown; all bunkai, self defense and grappling in the weeks prior.

These guys did it all!! 
Even lead their own troop to Victory!

We are very proud to promote each one of them to ranks of Brown Belt!

Christopher Batson / 2nd Kyu 
Leland Gallegos/ 2nd Kyu
Britt Bradshaw/ 3rd Kyu
Lauren Albers/ 3rd Kyu
David Sobczak/3rd Kyu
Max Garduno/ 3rd Kyu
Allie Gallegos/ 3rd Kyu