JLK Trains with the Real Mr. Miyagi

It was an Honor to train with a Legend in the Martial Arts. Sensei Fumio Demura is a world wide legend and true master of the Martial arts. He has traveled the world for more then 50 years sharing his knowledge of Shito-ryu and traditional Karate techniques and philosophies.

Sensei Fumio Demura was the stunt double for Mr Miyagi and assistant producer of the original karate kid movie. He has been in many movies like Mortal combat, Ninja, The Next Karate Kid ,The Real Miyagi and many more. ┬áSensei Lee has attended Sensei Demura’s seminars for more then 20 years. Sensei Demura used to put on the most exciting demonstrations every year at the USKA World and National Championships.

This year we practiced shito-ryu kata and bunkie. It was also a treat and very exciting to learn Batto (traditional Japanese sword). JLK attendees included Sensei Lee, Mrs Amanda Lee, their family Matthew, Joe, Annika, and Savanna. JLK students Christopher and Charity Batson, Britt Bradshaw, Ethan Hovey and Sebastian Sanchez.