JLK Student Makes USA National Team!

Sebastian Witt (Sebie) 16yr. Recently made the AAU National USA Team! He is now invited to represent the USA to compete in the World Combat Games in Budapest, Hungary and the World Championships in Bratislava, Slovakia. Sebie was one of six chosen to compete in kata (forms) AND one of ten chosen to compete in kumite (sparring). It’s rare to be chosen to compete in both disciplines.

Way to go Sebie!!

Sebie will be the first JLK Student to ever make the USA National Team and travel outside the USA for competition! Starting Karate at 4yrs old, Sebie has trained consistently at JLK for 12 years. He has won many National, Regional and State Titles over the Years. He is a Junior Black Belt and JLK Assistant Instructor. Sebie is a Sophomore at Eagle Valley High school and a all around outstanding young man. He is a role model for younger students and a Leader at JLK!

We are very proud of this young man and want to do whatever it takes to help him on this amazing path and opportunity!

As you can imagine, there are many cost involved with international travel, food, competition… and so forth. We want to help Sebie out by supporting his fundraising efforts. Please click link below for more information on how you can help this amazing young man accomplish his dreams.

Sebie fundraiser Page/link




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