JLK Belt Test September 28th

Congratulations to these JLK students who were promoted to their next rank in the art of Korean Karate.

The two hour test included all basic techniques, kata, one step self defense, sparring, 2 on 1 sparring and weapons.

They all looked strong and are all very deserving of their next belts!

Bottom Row, Left to Right.

Vincent: yellow belt, Jimmy: yellow belt, Katie: Black Stripe, Jordan: Black Stripe, Kalina: Black Stripe, Jade: yellow belt,

Madeline: Purple Stripe, Bella: Yellow Belt, Max: Purple Belt

Middle Row, Left to Right.

Katz: Black Stripe, Jose: Green Belt, Jet: Orange Belt, Nolan: Purple Belt, Macklin: Black Stripe,  Lauren: Purple Belt, Jolene: Green Belt, Noel: Green Belt

Back Row, Black Belt Testing board of examiners:

Sebie, Sensei Julie, Mrs. Amanda, Sensei Lee, Sensei Bruce