JLK at the USA National Championships

We are very proud of our Competition team that traveled to Chicago, Illinois last weekend to compete in the USA National Karate-Do Federation National Championship. The competition was filled with thousands of top National level Competitors from all of the country! With as many as 20-40 competitors in some divisions battling it out for top 3 spots made for a very tough four days of competition.

First, I would like to thank Sensei Paul Witt for handling all coaching responsibilities for the team as Sensei Lee could not make the trip this year. Sensei Paul did an amazing job coaching our athletes in the trenches of spirited competition. I would also like to thank the parent volunteers for assisting in organizing our team in the staging areas and around the arena.

Our 2019 JLK team consisted of seven athletes. Most of whom competed in all three categories, Kobudo (weapons) Kata (forms) Kumite (sparring). Although a few of them won 2-4 rounds during competition, with the large number of competitors they still fell short of making the podium. However the team did bring home a few National Championship medals back to Colorado!

Paul Witt – Bronze Kumite

Charity Batson – Gold Kumite, Gold Kata

Christopher Batson – Bronze in Kobudo

Britt Bradshaw – Silver Kobudo

Max Garduno – Silver Kobudo

Jade Garduno and Sebastian Witt did not medal this time.

Sebastian Witt who just recently flew home from Slovakia won Bronze at the AAU World Championships!

JLK is very proud of our team and parents taking the time to train hard and making the trip to Chicago to compete against the best Martial artist in the country! Way to go!!

Max Garduno Silver Medal
Britt Bradshaw -Sliver Medal
Britt and Sensei Paul Witt / coach
Christopher Batson – Bronze Medal
Charity Batson – Gold Kata, Gold Kumite
Sebastian Witt, Paul Witt, Charity Batson, Christopher Batson, Max and Jade Garduno,
Not Pictured Britt Bradshaw