JLK at the 2018 USA Karate Nationals & Team Trials

James Lee’s Karate Competition Team attended the 2018 USA Karate Nationals & Team Trials in Reno, NV July 10-15.

The USA Karate Nationals had over 3,000 competitors! The competition was very tough as all divisions  were very good and highly competitive.

This was only the second time JLK has attended the USA Karate Nationals, home to the highest level of martial arts athletes in the USA. Last year JLK only having 4 athletes attending this year was a significant increase of commitment from our team.

The JLK Team consisted of 17 athletes ranging from ages 5-45 in all skill levels from Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced and ELITE!

Only two of our athletes would be competing in the ELITE divisions / USA National Team Trials.

Joseph Lee 14yr

Sebastian (Sebie) Witt 15yr.

Although neither of them made the podium this year, they both had a good showing and proved once again they could compete with the BEST anywhere we go. Both had US National Team members and International Champions drawn against the first match. Both with close scores of   Sebie Kata 3-2 and Joe Fight 2-1 , fell short of the victory. We are extremely proud of these two very talented competitors taking it to the highest levels of competition and challenging themselves against the most ELITE Karate-ka in the country. These guys will be working harder then ever before to make the US National Team next year!

Before going into the Medal Count, I would like to Thank our Coaches for all of their help and tireless efforts in getting each individual athlete to the ring, coaching and mentoring them the entire weekend.

Mrs. Amanda Lee, Sensei Paul Witt, and of course Sensei James Lee (me).

Also our acting team managers / parent volunteers, Mr. and Mrs John and Charity Batson for helping our athletes while in staging and the communication with our coaches.

I would also like to thank all of the parents and teammates for their commitment, patience, and outstanding good sportsmanship while cheering for our team while in the heat of battle. It was a team effort during a very busy and crowded 4 day National competition. It took the work of the entire team for us to be successful at this event. THANK YOU ALL!!!!


Overall the 17 members of our JLK team did amazingly well and brought home 20 championship medals!


4 Silver

8 Bronze


Miguel Castillo -16-17 Advanced Kumite

Savanna Lee -12yr Novice kata

Christopher Batson – 10-11yr Weapons

Annika Leach – 13 yr intermediate Kumite

Citlali Garduno – Adult Weapons

Charity Batson x2  -Adult Kyu Kata / Kumite

Britt Bradshaw – 9yr Novice Kumite



Britt Bradshaw -9yr Weapons

Citlali Garduno – Adult Intermediate Kata

Ried Albers – 7yr under Kumite

Maria Gonzalas – Adult Beginner Kumite



Maddox Shull x2 -10-11yr Weapons / Kumite

Lauren Albers- 10-11yr Weapons

Savanna Lee – 12-13yr Weapons

Charity Batson – Adult Weapons

Maria Gonzalas – Adult Beginner Kata

Citlali Garduno – Adult Intermediate Kumite

Zachary Bourke – 11yr Kumite


Also in attendance but not making the Podium was;

Lindsey Castillo 15yr Advanced

Max Garduno 8yr Novice

Jade Garduno 5yr Beginner


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