2020 JLK Candy Cane Tournament

 Kobudo / Weapons Results

Lauryn / Runner-up
Black Belt Club Level Two Weapons Grand Champion! 
Purple/Brown belts
1st -Silas
2nd -Lauryn
3rd -Britt
4th -Christopher
5th -Kalina
 Blue / Green belts
1st – Ivo
2nd – Katie
3rd – Isaak
5th – Jimmy, Jordan, Grayson
Sobrie / Runner-up
Black Belt Club Level One Weapons Grand Champion! 
 Orange Belts:
1st – Zac
2nd – Trent
3rd – Tenaya
4th – William
5th – Ty, Bethany, Finn
Yellow Belts:
1st -Sobrie
2nd -Elijah
3rd -Klara
4th -Desmond
5th -Wells, Estin, Asher

 *Thank you Mrs. Amanda for decorating the dojo into an awesome       Candy Cane Christmas Party! 

*Thank you Amy Yandle/ ESPN for video recording everything for us! 

*Thank you parents for the delicious treats!

I am very PROUD of all our weapons competitors tonight! We saw some amazing Weapons Kata’s in Beginner and Advanced Bo staff and Nunchaku. They were very strong, focused, and well performed. 

I see somebody has been practicing.

We still two more days of fun JLK Candy Cane Competition!


Have Fun

All Competitors
Weapons Video's
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