We are kindly asking all JLK Members and Returning Members to Please fill out our Student Poll.

Currently JLK is not taking any new students. We have a waiting list for September and hope you will refer a friend to start training with us.

Due to Covid-19 and the many restrictions our State / County has put on small businesses, it makes operating the dojo very difficult and challenging. We have many decisions to make that will be in the best interest of JLK and its loyal students.  There are many options and opportunities in front of us. We still have the desire to continue to teach and train in Karate even during these economically tough times. That is what Karate training has always taught us to do…  NEVER GIVE UP!  We learn to adjust and adapt to our surroundings in a positive manner while staying strong to protect ourselves and the ones we love.

JLK Stands Strong AGAINST COVID 19

Perhaps this is a good time for Parents to get more involved and start taking self defense lessons. It’s a crazy world out there today. Everyone MUST know some form of self defense. Pulling out a firearm is a felony and can get you prison time. Self defense with hands and feet can save your life and is less punishable by law. Please consider taking a self defense class with Sensei Lee soon.

Please fill out the Student Poll.


Thank you,

James Lee’s Karate