JLK Online training plan

Hello JLK Families,

Wow! We are getting hit with same major life changes. We are going through some tough times and changes to our standard way of living.

First, I want to express concern for all of you and hope that you are all managing the best possible way through these difficult times. Please know that we are here if you need us. Please reach out for help if your living situation becomes unmanageable or in danger. A dojo family is a great family to have!

Due to everything happening with Colorado State Legislation on social distancing we are not allowed to open up classes for an unknown amount of time. This situation could be very detrimental to our dojo/small business.

What can we do? Two things are obvious at this time…

  1. We need to continue to exercise while being homeschooled and basically confined to our homes. We need to keep our bodies moving, strong and healthy. For all of us Karate Training is how we do that. It’s fun and it’s what we know how to do.
  2. JLK will need to provide online training courses for our students to continue to train, stay active and to learn Karate, It’s still our way of life! We need to be keeping our mind and body strong at this time more than we ever needed to before. This includes parents and non karate family members.

We are currently working on ideas such as training video’s and weekly lesson plans for our students. These will be password protected pages for “Active” students only. We have great ideas to get more parents involved in helping students train and/or even training with them. Since this is all happening so fast, students and parents should expect a roll-out type of online experience. Meaning that however we start this, it will only get better and better each week.

From our standpoint, their will be more technology involved with more elaborate video filming, editing, downloading and password protected publishing formats. We will work our way into a great virtual online system in due time. For now, we plan to provide daily workout plans on worksheets and have students film themselves and post on social media for fun or email directly to sensei for credit. More instructions and changes will come, please refer to our website and our facebook page daily for all updated information. Emails to all students will also be emailed weekly.

Finally, as we all know this is very trying and hopefully temporary times we are living through. It’s a Spirit Test for us all! Remember this… NEVER GIVE UP! Giving up is never an option. We work, we fight, we stand together and we will make all things possible for ourselves our friends and our families. JLK fighting spirit is not just in the ring its in everyday life!

We ask for your continued patience, help and support so that we can all get through this crises together. Again, if any of you get to a point of a dangerous situation or unable to provide for your family beyond normal restricted circumstances, please reach out to us or someone you trust and we will do our best to pull our dojo family together to help you. Please continue to support our dojo financially due to the fact that in due time without your support we are at great risk of JLK going out of business permanently. If all of you were to cancel or hold memberships at this time the dojo will not be able to overcome the financial downfall. It would be a huge disaster for all of JLK, its students, its legacy and of course the Lee family.

More than ever we appreciate your continued support of our dojo family. We will do our best to change with the current situation and still provide service and offer as much to our students as we possibly can within the Statewide human distancing restrictions. Your comments and suggestions are always appreciated and should be directed to sensei by email at jamesleekarate@me.com

Please take care, stay alert and prepared.


James Lee’s Karate