JLK Fights off Panic of Corona Virus

First, I want to acknowledge that each of us worry in terms of how we interpret the risk of and from the virus. Some of us recognize viruses such as COVID-19 as an inevitable part of humanity and if we get sick, given our age and health condition, we know that we will most likely survive the exposure. Others are impacted with tremendous anxiety about how it may impact our lives. According to the CDC the highest risk groups are the elderly and those with pre-existing health conditions which have otherwise compromised immune systems.

We have been monitoring the situation very closely and like everyone we have to make decisions whether or not we will close our dojo for any period of time. We have decided at this time JLK will continue to have classes with our normal class schedule. We do not see any immediate cause for us to close the dojo. We have been making sure the dojo and the students hands are all sanitized each day. We will closely monitor all students for any cold or flu like symptoms. If the event that students begin to show symptoms of the virus or test positive for COVID-19 we will re-evaluate our decision.

With that being said, if you or your child are feeling sick, coughing, or have a fever, please stay home and fully recover before coming to the dojo. If we notice students with any cold or flu like symptoms they will not be allowed in the dojo and asked to go home until fully recovered.

We understand if you personally decide to take time off for this specific reason. Please understand that our membership policies will remain the same as will our belt testing requirements and procedures. Our stance at this point is to do our best to continue to live our normal lives without panic while being fully aware of the importance of our sanitation responsibilities.

We will continue to train hard, stay strong, stay healthy and stay sanitized. 👊🏼

If you have a specific concern or question please email me at jamesleekarate@me.com


James Lee

President of James Lee’s Karate School.