Christopher Batson Finishes #1 in the Nation!

The American Junior Karate League (AJKL) host a series of 6 high quality and professional ran tournaments which were held in 6 different regions of the country. Christopher and his family John and Charity Batson attended every one of them. Christopher made the podium and medaled in all 6 tournaments. He earned points for every 1st – 3rd place win and finished #1 in the Country in Both Kata and Kumite!

Here is the list of States and cities the Batson Family traveled for Christopher to be able to competent all of the AJKL series events…

Indianapolis, IN. Orlando, FL. Dallas TX. Seattle,WA. San Jose CA. Pittsburgh, PA.

As Pittsburgh was the last AJKL tournament of this year, Christopher finished the event series ranked #1 in KATA and ranked #1 in KUMITE for all 10 -11 year old intermediates in the country.

All of us at JLK are Super Proud of him!!

Congratulations Christopher!

All of your hard work and many hours at the dojo has definitely paid off. You competed against top athletes around the Country and proved to be the Best, Way to go!!! Thats the JLK Fighting Spirit!

Christopher is 11 years old, he is going into 6th grade at Eagle Valley Middle School. He is a 3rd Kyu Brown Belt at James Lee’s Karate. Christopher will be competing at the USA NKF National Championships in Chicago, Illinois July 2019.

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