JLK Wins BIG at Rocky Mountain Regional Championship Tournament

JLK was well represented with a total of 26 JLK athletes competing at the 2019 Rocky Mountain Regional Championships in Louisville Colorado May 5th.

The competition was very tough with very good teams from Florida, Texas, Indiana, Arizona, Wisconsin, the Best of Colorado, even International teams traveling from Canada and Bulgaria! Bulgaria and USA National Team members were also competing in various youth and adult divisions. The competition in all divisions were very good, skilled, highly talented athletes with some divisions having 20-30 competitors!

It was going to be a tough day for anyone and everyone competing. It was going to take skill, focus, and determination to make it to the top 3 spots on the Championship Podium.

With the help of our coaches Sensei James Lee, Sensei Amanda Lee and Sensei Paul Witt, our Team was in good hands and well prepared for the challenge.

JLK team won a total of 36 medals!

8- Gold. 13-Silver 15 Bronze

Kata= Technical Forms Kumite = Fighting Weapons = Technical form with weapon

Sebastian Witt -Bronze Elite WKF Kata

Paul Witt – Bronze Kumite

Joseph Lee – Gold Kata

Alexis Davis- Silver Kata & Kumite

Noland Emrich- Bronze Kumite & Weapons

Britt Bradshaw – Silver Kumite & Weapons

Zachary Bourke Bronze Kumite

Allie Gallegos – Bronze Kata, Silver Kumite

Brett Cliver – Bronze Kumite & Weapons

Kitz Petrovski – Silver Kata & Kumite

Bella Bigley – Gold kumite, Silver in Kata & Weapons

Max Garduno Gold Kumite & Bronze weapons

Jade Garduno- Silver Kata & Kumite

Silas Lovgren – Gold Kumite & Weapons, Bronze Kata

Henry Sheldon – Gold Kumite

Hattie Hiatt – Gold Kata, Bronze Kumite

Lauryn Albers – Bronze Kata

Isaac Conrad – Bronze Kumite

Reid Albers – Silver Kata, Bronze Kumite

Ethan Stovie – Silver Kata, Gold Kumite

Jet Cole – Bronze Kata

Also competing but not making top 3 podium spots were…

Javid Reyes, Sebastian Sanchez, David Sobczak, Grayson Brown. Leland Gallegos

Here are just a few pictures, (not all)

Joe and Bella
Sebie 3rd place
Reid 2nd place
Max 1st place
Max 2st Place
Henry and Brett
Alexis 2nd place
Kits 2nd place
Nolan 3rd Place
Sensei Paul Witt 3rd place
Silas 1st, Bella 2nd, Brett 3rd Max 3rd
Britt 2nd , Nolan 3rd
Balla 1st , Hattie 3rd
Jet 3rd
Britt 2nd
Lauren 3rd
Ethan 1st
Hattie 1st , Bella 2nd
Ethan 2nd