Welcome to James Lee’s Karate "School of Champions"


James Lee’s Karate (JLK) is family owned and operated by Sensei Lee and his wife Mrs. Amanda Lee. All classes are taught by James Lee, 5th Degree Black Belt & US Karate Hall of Famer and his black belt instructors.

All classes are age and skill level appropriate. We offer adult and youth classes with an unlimited class schedule.

Our school prides itself on…

  • Loyalty
  • Ability
  • Integrity

James Lee’s Karate has been a staple in the Eagle community for 20yrs. Our school has changed lives, saved lives, and helped students to be more confident to prepare for life.

Sensei Lee teaches traditional Martial Arts that include styles of Chun Do Kwan Korean Karate, Okinawan Goju Ryu, Judo and Okinawan Kobudo (weapons).  

Personal Benefits, What to Expect?

Adult karate training is a great way to develop full body overall strength, speed, conditioning and flexibility. It is exciting and fun to learn Martial Arts while developing personal confidence and connecting the mind, body and spirit together as one. Karate training is something you can do your whole life at any age. The skills and lessons taught at JLK will energize you and carry over into your everyday life making you a more self-reliant, patient, less stressed person. It’s never to late or to soon to begin your martial arts journey and discover your true potential. 

We teach kids life skills that will help them to be successful in school, accomplish goals and to be well behaved and respectful at home. Sensei James Lee has developed programs that teach children the importance of having good manners, discipline and focus. With the foundation of being a good person, they begin to work on leadership skills used to make the right choices in life. As they train longer they develop a strong mind, body and spirit. They do chores at home without being told, speak clearly with manners and become leaders, which sets up future success in life. Eventually competition will become an option and champions are made here at JLK!

How To Get Started?

JLK usually has a 1-2 month waiting list for all new youth beginners. Please click the one free week link and we will do our best to get you started as quickly as possible. We are worth the wait.



Our youth beginner karate classes that teach students all the fundamentals of martial arts skills in a fun, interactive environment.

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Get in shape, lose fat, gain muscle, feel incredible while learning  traditional Martial Arts. Our Adult Martial Arts program will help increase your energy, relieve stress,

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Self Defense

Sensei Lee is available for group or private self defense instruction. Techniques are very effective and easy to learn. Call or email to schedule a self defense seminar with a group or private one-on-one instruction. 

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